The deceased will be tested in the grave and asked three questions. If he answers, he will be safe. If you don’t return it, it’s lost. One of those questions was “who is your prophet?”. the slightest. A person whom Allah has appointed in this world and fulfills its requirements and who has peace in the grave and
not everyone answers unless he gives them insight. It will benefit that person in the Hereafter on a day when wealth and children will not benefit him.

These criteria are:

NABI MUHAMMAD Obeying what the PROPHET MUHAMMAD (ص) commanded: Allah is like this
He commanded us to obey them: (Whoever obeys the Messenger of Allah has indeed obeyed Allah).

Allah says again: (Say: If you truly love Allah, then follow me; then Allah will love you).

The agreement to enter paradise is related to the agreement to obey them. The Prophet (ص) says: “All my people will enter Paradise, except the one who refuses. Who refuses?
they said to him. ‘Whoever obeys me will enter Paradise, and whoever disobeyed my command, he refused.” (Bukhari) Whoever is a friend of the Prophet Muhammad (ص), should obey him.

Taking orders is the result of love. A person who says that he loves the Prophet (ص) without following them and obeying them is a liar in what he says.

Confirming what they say: Whoever denies something that has been proven to be from the Prophet Muhammad (ص) has denied Allah and His Messenger. Because PROPHET MUHAMMAD (ص) is innocent of error and falsehood. (He does not speak from the desires of his soul).

Avoidance of what they forbid and warn against: Starting with the greatest sin—shirk—one should avoid it, including major sins and those that lead to evil, up to minor sins and abominations. The more a Muslim loves the NABI MUHAMMAD (ص), the more his faith increases. If his faith increases, Allah will make him love good deeds and hate disbelief, transgression and sin.

Except what He has commanded through His Messenger(ص).
non-worship: Worship is based on expectation. Therefore, it is not permissible to worship Allah except through what has come from the Messenger of Allah. NABI MUHAMMAD (ص) says: “Whoever does an act for which there is no Our command, he will be repaid.” (Muslim)

Useful points: Know that love NABI MUHAMMAD (ص) is obligatory. Love alone is not enough, it must be loved by you more than anything else, including yourself. A person who loves something makes it better than anything else. He puts his will above his own. Therefore, the true lover of the Prophet is the one from whom this sign is reflected. That means they in everything
following their Sunnah in word and deed, accepting their commands, avoiding what they forbid, abiding by their ethics in hardship and prosperity, in happiness and sorrow. Worship and following are the results of love, without which there is no love.

NABI MUHAMMAD: There are many signs of loving the Prophet Muhammad (ص). They among:


1st: Praise them abundantly and bless them. As the saying goes, a man who loves something multiplies his calling.

2nd: Longing to see them, because a lover longs to see his lover.

3rd: Respect them and respect them when they mention their names. Isaac (rahimahullaah) says: ‘When the companions of NABI MUHAMMAD (ص) mentioned their names after them, they would be filled with fear and their skins would be torn and they would cry.

  1. Hating those who hate them, being hostile to those who are hostile to them, and avoiding those who are contrary to their Sunnah and have created something new in their religion, such as the heretics and hypocrites.
  2. To love the people they love such as their families, wives, and companions, the Muhajireen and the Ansar, to be hostile to those who are hostile to them, and to hate those who hate and insult them.
  3. Inherit their noble status, because they have a very noble status. ‘A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) says: ‘The condition of the Messenger of Allah was the Qur’an.
    The situation of the Prophet (ص) inside: NABI MUHAMMAD (ص) was a hero of heroes. Their heroism during the war is very strong. They were still the most generous of men. their generosity was strongest during Ramadan.

Mostly they were a naturalist. They were also very patient. They never went out of their way to grieve(revenge) for themselves. They were very strict in the command of Allah. He is the most humble of men in respect. They are more shy than a bride in motherhood. They were more kind to their families and more merciful to nature. They also have many beautiful features.