Mammaaksa afaan oromoo Introduction

Mammaaksa Afaan Oromoo: Power of Oromoo Language

The Oromo language, rich with its vibrant culture and profound history, Mammaaksa Afaan Oromoo encompasses a plethora of wise words and meaningful sentences that resonate deeply with individuals from all walks of life. These linguistic gems hold the power to inspire, guide, and nurture the human spirit, offering profound insights into the nature of existence and the essence of wisdom itself.

Within the fabric of Oromo language lies the embodiment of ancient wisdom. From the wisdom of elders passed down through generations to the profound proverbs that encapsulate life’s fundamental truths, Oromo language possesses an unparalleled ability to distill complex wisdom into concise and profound sentences. These wise words Mammaaksa Afaan Oromoo tap into the collective consciousness of the Oromo people and serve as a testament to their philosophical and spiritual depth.

Mammaaksa Afaan Oromoo: Nurturing the Human Spirit Through Linguistic Riches

Mammaaksa Afaan Oromoo, The timeless wisdom embedded within Oromo language extends far beyond mere words. It is a sacred and comprehensive reflection of the Oromo people’s values, traditions, and worldview. Through their language, the Oromo people transmit their ancestral knowledge and cultural identity, ensuring that wisdom continues to guide their present and future endeavors.

Mammaaksa Afaan Oromoo: Oromo Language’s Legacy

Mammaaksa Afaan Oromoo, the wisdom encapsulated in the Oromo language, will continue to enlighten and inspire individuals around the world. Its profound impact goes beyond linguistic boundaries, resonating with diverse audiences and fostering a deeper appreciation for the universal pursuit of wisdom. As we embrace the richness of the Oromo language, we invite a transformative journey of self-discovery, connection, and understanding, paving the way for a brighter and more harmonious world.

Best 30 Mammaaksa Afaan Oromoo in this week

Today we bring to you the best mammaaksa afaan oromoo with means in english if you are interest to share it with your friends:

Mammaksaa Afaan OromoEnglish Mammaksaa Afaan Oromo
Karkin ofii madaa’ullee, muranii hin darban.A thorn stuck in the foot is not pulled out by slippers.
Mana ormaa bareedaarra, godoo ofii wayya.A person’s home is their castle, but their reputation is what matters to others.
Hoolaan abbaa gaarii qabu, dubboo ala bulcha.When the owner of the house doesn’t want to pick it up, the guest will carry it on their head.
Jibichi essatti eeganii jabbii kessa oola.When you’re from the same womb, you don’t look at each other with suspicion.
Hagam ol fagaattus allaattii reeffi lafa.When the lion is full, it doesn’t harm domestic animals.
Bara humna qaban sagaliin lolu, bara humna hin qabne sa tolu.In a year when they sow seeds, they are quick to weed; in a year when they don’t sow, they don’t weed at all.
Yoo rakkatan fala barbaadan.When you run, the leeches also run after you.
Bakakkaan akkanaanu natti gamu muka jala na geessite.Even if you’re the one who cut the firewood, it will still warm someone else.
Osoo akka yaada namaa tulluun diriiraa ta’a.If you remember your name, you don’t stumble over a stone.
Adala gowwoomsuun suuta suutani.To perform justice is to break a stone with another stone.
Addaatef ilkaan alanfachuu hin dhiisu.If you’ve already laid a foundation, don’t use clay to build.
Ablee qara lamaa beekaatu itti fayyadama.When a dog is leashed, it doesn’t disturb the resting place of a lion.
Bakkuma dhaqqabani kan hoqqatan.Even if you stay close, don’t stay too close that you intrude.
Bakka itti citanitti citaa haammatan.Where there’s smoke, there’s also fire.
Goowwaa mannaa budaa wayyaa.Where there’s a will, there’s also a way.
Goowwaa wajjiin dhalachuu mannaa dhaloota ooluu wayyNot fixing a problem at home is akin to planting sorghum with a hoe.
SHinbirroon laga lagaa Afaan Afaan dubbattii.To be led by the head is different from being led by the tail.
Arrumaan samii bahaan waa taatu.A true friend is recognized during adversity.
Ni qallatti malee hin cittu dhugaan.The crooked path doesn’t end at a person’s house.
Diddu diddi malee saree Ija kuulan.A broken stick cannot kill a snake.
Wajjiin dhaloota malee dhalaan diina gurraachaa.Even if the wolf dances, it will never become a shepherd.
Wahi beeyta jannaan jaartiin sheekaa kitaaba dhiiyxee.If the heart is unsteady, the eyes also fail.
Foonii garaan nudadhabee.An agreement made in the evening is valid until morning.
Afaan Ajaa wajjiin yaa’uu dadhabnee ja’e ja’an waraabessi.Even a small ant won’t give birth to a dead baby.
Anuma xuuxxa malee xuuxxee waa nan xuruursituu.It’s not a large tree that gives shade but its branches.
Qooda qocaa kaa’e Allaattiin hin fuunee.A tree that has many branches, has many blessings.
Akka Abaluuttin sirbaan morma nama jallistii.The person who eats while standing doesn’t recognize the food.
Baraa fi furguggee gad ja’anii dabarsanii.It’s easier to prevent than to cure.
Sirnaan yoo Ejjatan seera uumaa Eeggatanii ja’an.The stick that stirs the fire also spreads the smoke.
Walii galan Alaa galan ja’e jaarsi oromoo dhaddacha jala taahee..A woman’s menstruation doesn’t drive away her relatives.
Wal qixxeen wal fixxee.The mouth shouldn’t fight with the hand.
Ilkeen tan wal qixaatu ciniinnaa tolchaa.The one who has no wealth should not argue with a wealthy person.
Sagaliin Akaafee diddeet diddiimattii.A coward dies a thousand times before their death.
Akka cabanitti Okkolanii.A sheep doesn’t know the weight of its own wool.
Suuta Ejjatan suuta qoreen nama waraanti..If the mother is gentle, the child will be a good child.
Hamma Namaa hin Geessuu Cabsa namaa hin teessu!If the vessel is small, don’t pour in a lot of water.
Afaan Hamii Bare Utubaatti hasaasa !Don’t cut the head to cure a headache.
Namichi Guyyaa Bofa arge halkan Gaaddidduu isaa dheesse!The land doesn’t get tired of being stepped on.
Waan Dabruuf maqaa hin dabarre hin fuudhan !A mountain cannot hide its shadow.
Hin barihu Seetee Gorduubatti hadde !A small room doesn’t hinder a dream.
Anatu Caalaan Ciinciraa haaduu afaan buute !Even if you rush, the stream will not flow faster.
Gubattee hin beektuu ibiddatti gamti !Don’t hunt a bird that brings you a message.
Laftis bahii jette jaartiin faeda irraa kuftee !A heart that knows fear is a heart that is afraid.
Jaartiin Bara Buttaa Duudde hoo Luboo Jechaa hafti !A fire that burns
Mammaaksa Afaan Oromoo